Update: Ballot of season ticket holders revealed

The club is now in a position to explain its plans to admit supporters to the Pitching In Northern Premier League match against Radcliffe on Tuesday, October 6.

In line with Durham FA guidelines, the capacity of 1st Cloud Arena will be reduced to 300 for this fixture, meaning that only a selected number of season ticket holders will be able to attend, along with a limited number of away supporters.

Many discussions have been held over recent days over the fairest way to allocate tickets for this match, and the club has decided on the following.

If the surname on your season ticket begins with a letter between A and L, you will be granted entry to the game against Radcliffe, unless you have already informed the club you will not be attending this fixture, or you have been contacted individually by the club about the matter.

Should the maximum crowd size remain at 300 for the following league fixture at 1st Cloud Arena, those with a surname on their season ticket which begins with a letter between M and Z – as well as those who have already opted out of the Radcliffe fixture – will be allowed entry.

The club has therefore created two ‘bubbles’ of season ticket holders. Those who have opted out of the Radcliffe fixture, regardless of the first letter of their surname, will be grouped with those who have surnames which start with a letter between M and Z.

If the maximum crowd size remains at 300 for a third game, the club will randomly select which bubble is able to attend that match, with the other bubble to attend the next game in the interests of fairness.

The club can also confirm the following for season ticket holders:

  • The club must obtain permission from the visiting team and the league to stream any game, and will make this request on a match-by-match basis throughout the season.
  • Should this permission be granted, a free stream will be offered to season ticket holders unable to attend any home league fixture during the 2020-21 season which is played behind closed doors, or in the event a season ticket holder misses out on a ballot for a game played in front of a limited number of spectators. To apply for a free stream, please send an email to info@southshieldsfc.co.uk and you will be supplied with further details.
  • In the event a game is live streamed, season ticket holders will be able to watch their stream at home, or watch it by booking a table at the Harton and Westoe Miners’ Welfare. Tables there will be available on a booking basis only, with space limited, and must be booked by sending a text message to 07711 336435. Streams will otherwise be intended for home and personal viewing only, and is forbidden to be shown in other venues without the written permission of the club.
  • Season ticket holders will be able to apply for compensation on a pro-rata basis for any league games missed during the 2020-21 season for either of these reasons: the match is played behind closed doors, or the game is played in front of a limited crowd and you are not selected as part of the ballot for that fixture. This compensation can be claimed at the end of the 2020-21 season.
  • Alternatively, season ticket holders will be able to put that same compensation figure towards the price of their 2021-22 season ticket. This can again be applied for at the end of the 2020-21 season.

The club would like to thank all supporters for their continued backing during these unprecedented times. It truly is appreciated, and we can’t wait for the day it is safe enough to have a vibrant 1st Cloud Arena full of our magnificent fans again. Stay positive and we look forward to seeing you soon.