Trident funding to boost provision for female players

Trident funding to boost provision for female players

The club is delighted to confirm it has successfully applied for funding which will be used to provide a major boost to its provision for female footballers.

Clubs in the Pitching In Northern Premier League were eligible to apply for up to £5,000 for community projects via the Trident Community Foundation, which was set up last summer as a joint project between the three Trident leagues and title sponsor Pitching In.

The focus of our project will be to engage more girls in football by driving new programmes which will be designed to provide more pathways for youngsters with a passion for the game.

South Shields FC chief executive Lee Picton said: “As a club we are committed to providing the best possible opportunities and pathways for all young people in our community to enjoy playing football and to have the best experience while doing so.

“We recognise that our current provision for female participants can be vastly improved and we now intend to address that situation by utilising the grant funding we have received from the Trident Community Foundation.

“We see the development of girls’ and women’s football as an important part of our strategic growth plan and this funding will allow us to invest in the human resource required to drive new initiatives and programmes in this area.

“We are hugely grateful to the Trident Community Foundation for supporting our efforts to improve our female provision and look forward to seeing this aspect of our club blossom in the months and years to come.”