South Shields’ Santos Under-13s are set to take on Newcastle City Juniors in a friendly at Mariners Park on Sunday.

Former Newcastle United goalkeeper Steve Harper is among the coaches on the opposition staff.

Kick-off is at 10.30am on the bottom pitch, and the club would like to invite the other junior teams and managers to show their support on the day.

Both teams are known for their attacking style of play, and a good match is in prospect.

South Shields Santos Under-13s are looking ahead to the new season with confidence after a hugely successful campaign last time out.

The team, which has just secured a crucial sponsorship from Steve Brewis School of Excellence Driving School, has won the Premier Division of the Russell Foster Youth League for the last two years.

They have also won cup competitions and numerous tournaments, including most recently, the North of England Champions League.

The team will move into 11 v 11 games now, and will play their home games at Mortimer Community College.

They are set to leapfrog a year, and go into the Under-14s First Division for next season.

Secretary Steve Morton said: “We’d like to say a big thanks to our new team sponsor, Steve Brewis School of Excellence Driving School, for their support.”