The club is delighted to announce the launch of a betting website just for you – our superb supporters.

We have teamed up with My Club Betting, who create betting sites for sporting clubs.

The new SSFC betting site does everything other betting sites do, with all of the special offers you would expect, but with one important difference.

The more you bet at, the more you will help our club. It is genuinely that simple.

Are you tired of losing bets and thinking, ‘I’ve just lost to the bookies, again!’?

Betting through the SSFC betting site will ensure that no longer happens, as 20% of those lost bets will go straight back into the club.

Of course, we’d rather you win and celebrate that with us, but should that not be the case, you will be safe in the knowledge that your bet has gone some way to helping the club moving forwards.

My Club Betting chief executive Stephen Wundke said: “We have over 3,800 clubs right across the UK who all have their own betting site and who are now seeing the benefits of their members betting with them.

“The outstanding success of South Shields FC makes them the perfect partner, and I know that we offer the best betting service for your club.

“I know this will be a legacy for the club for many years to come and we look forward to working with you.”

If you like the sound of that, give it a go! The SSFC betting site can be found at

South Shields FC Commercial Director David Mitchell said: “The website is a great opportunity for the club to earn additional revenue by offering this site to our fantastic fans.

“Supporters can sign up and place their bets as they normally would, knowing that if they aren’t lucky enough to win sometimes, that their money won’t be going to waste, but will be helping out the club.”