Youngsters aged up to four are being given the opportunity to take part in an exciting six-week Soccer Tots introduction run by the club, beginning in April.

On Saturday afternoons, there will be ‘Mini Mariners’ sessions for those aged 18 months to 2 years, 2-3 years and 3-4 years, with the little ones given an introduction to the beautiful game.

The children will be taught high-quality football skills in a friendly and pressure-free environment where they will be encouraged to enjoy the game under the tutelage of FA qualified coaches.

Classes will be tailored depending on which age group the child is in, with the sessions to take place at Mortimer Community College, on Reading Road, South Shields.

Any child aged 18 months to four years can be signed up, and particularly for the younger ones, our enthusiastic coaches will encourage you and your child to join forces in taking part.

Any parent who wishes to accompany their child onto the pitch, regardless of age, is more than welcome to do so, with the child under no pressure to go it alone until they feel ready to do so.

The first sessions will take place on Saturday, April 2, and every Saturday after that until May 7.

Each child who takes part will receive a medal and certificate, and as well as the football skills, we hope the course will be educational, with the children learning about colours and numbers, as well as following instructions and playing as a team.

To sign up for the six-week course, which costs £30, please text your child’s name, age and the words ‘Mini Mariner’ to 07795 024333.

The Mini Mariners sessions, each Saturday from April 2, are as follows:
1.30pm – 2.10pm: 18 months – 2 years
2.10pm – 2.50pm: 2 – 3 years
2.50pm – 3.30pm: 3 – 4 years