The club has launched a new weekly lotto initiative to raise funds for various improvements for all South Shields FC-associated teams. We are looking for volunteers to sell and administer this new lotto for us.

The new lotto has not been introduced to replace the lotto currently in play, but will work alongside it. Different rules apply to the new lotto, and these will be displayed within the clubhouse alongside the weekly draw results.

For this lotto to succeed, the club is looking for volunteer sellers to promote the sale of lotto tickets, and anyone interested in becoming part of this should contact Steve Cairns at or Bob Wray at

Rules of the game

Tickets are to be sold at £1 each, payable upon receipt.

Fill in four numbers of your choice and place the TOP copy with your agent or at the SSFC office.

Keep all counterfoils in a safe place (please note no ticket means no prize).

The committee cannot accept any entries from 5pm on a Monday evening for that week’s draw.

All ticket winners must be in possession of their green counterfoil when claiming prizes.

The weekly draw will take place every Monday at 9pm, and the results will be placed on social media and within the ground. If your four numbers match, you will win.

Winners will have 14 days from the draw to claim their prize.

Ticket proceeds will be divided as below:

45% of the total receipts go in the box

15% to the reserve box

40% to the club