The club is delighted to welcome four new vice-presidents after their incredible contribution to South Shields FC was recognised.

The honorary title has been bestowed to club stalwarts including the greatly-missed Richard Bailey and Gerry O’Reilly in the past, with the newly-appointed quartet joining Bob Wray and Darren Wright as vice-presidents.

David Fall

David became a referee in 1966 and after 25 years of service as a match official, became involved with South Shields FC.

The club played at Jack Clark Park when David joined but quickly moved to what was then known as Filtrona Park.

He was instrumental alongside chairman John Rundle in the transformation of the ground and its facilities, including the construction of what is currently the main stand at Mariners Park.

David held the role of secretary until leaving the club because of work commitments in the mid-2000s, although he continued to regularly be seen at games as a supporter.

He came back on board as treasurer after retiring and has been involved on the club’s committee since then, including playing a key role during the Peterlee years when survival was achieved.

He can still be seen working at Mariners Park every matchday at the turnstiles.

John Gray

John is the club’s longest-serving sponsor, with his company TGS Industrial Supplies having sponsored Shields for more than 30 years.

It is no exaggeration to say that without the support of John and people like him, the club would simply not have survived the last three decades.

He has backed the club through thick and thin, including the two-year exile in Peterlee when he continued to sponsor the club while others were unable to.

John has allowed the club to use company vehicles when required in the past and has been a great help at fundraising events over the years.

Whatever has been asked of him has not been too much hardship, and he is a shining example of what South Shields FC is all about.

Bob Scott

Bob is one of the club’s longest-serving supporters and has always lended a helping hand with whatever has been asked of him.

He was involved with the club’s Supporters’ Association and committee, and has been a huge help with fundraisers including Christmas and summer draw tickets in the past.

He is the leading figure behind the club’s Bingo Lottery scheme, which has been of great benefit to both South Shields FC and many of its supporters over the years, and his meticulousness is second to none.

He has always been willing to do whatever it takes to help the club thrive and is still a hugely popular figure today.

Bob is behind the counter with his wife Viv at the club shop at every Mariners Park matchday and is regularly at the ground on non-matchdays to help out wherever he can.

Janet Davies

Few at South Shields FC can match Janet Davies for longevity.

While she would insist that she is merely a supporter, she has been so much more than that over the years.

Her loyalty and commitment has been and remains phenomenal. She is simply part of the furniture at Mariners Park and we are fortunate that she remains so heavily involved.

She has helped out with fundraising activities for several decades and whatever has been asked of her – just like the three individuals previously mentioned – has not been too much.

She has been a key part of the club’s catering team for many years – she truly came into her own during the testing two-year period in Peterlee – and still works at Mariners Park today every matchday at the burger van.

All four newly-appointed vice-presidents richly deserve this recognition.