South Shields FC Foundation is delighted to report that its February Fundraiser proved to be a massive success, raising over £5,000 to be split between the Foundation and Cancer Connections.

The challenge to Foundation parents, junior players and coaches was to walk or run as far as they could, as often as they could during February with the aim of covering a cumulative 28,000 kilometres in 28 days.

They were joined in numbers by first-team players as well as players and staff from the 16-19 Academy and Futures Academy, and club staff, supporters and sponsors.

Foundation Manager Steve Camm said: “This started out as a very ambitious challenge with the dual purpose of encouraging people to stay active through lockdown and to raise funds for the Foundation and Cancer Connections.

“The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of people taking up the challenge to help us achieve our targets both in terms of fundraising and distance covered.

“This was a fantastic joint effort with individuals as well as whole families taking part. Even family dogs got in on the act.”

The initial fundraising target of £2,800 was passed within the first two weeks and thanks to the generosity of more than 200 people, the fund went on to almost double its target.

Each week over 300 people recorded and submitted their distances, some small and some large, which together pushed through the 28,000km mark on the final weekend despite the impact of heavy snow during week two.

The highest individual contributor was Daniel Prince with an unbelievable 841km made up of runs, long walks and laps of his living room.

Our largest family group contribution was about the same distance as Dan’s effort and was recorded by Under-13s coach Michael Rowan and his family, who also raised a fantastic £880 in the process.

There are too many incredible efforts to name check everyone. It was a team effort with every contribution, however big or small, needed to complete the challenge.

We’d like to thank each and every one of our participants and contributors. We hope you’re feeling good having taking part in a physical activity challenge during lockdown and/or contributed to the fundraising effort. They are two things we know that support people’s mental health and well-being, the main charitable purpose of the Foundation’s community work.

The proceeds will be shared with Cancer Connections, a beneficiary charity of RosieFest, which is scheduled to take place at Harton & Westoe Miners Welfare on July 3rd, 2021.

The Foundation Just Giving Page is still open for last minute donations and can be accessed by clicking here.

South Shields FC Foundation is today launching a February Fundraiser with the aim of getting people of all ages to get active.

The challenge to parents, players, coaches and supporters is to walk or run as far as you can as often as you can during February with the aim of covering a cumulative 28,000 kilometers in 28 days. That’s 100 people running 10km every day or 1,000 people walking or running 1km every day for 28 days. Every little helps.

SSFC Academy Manager Wess Brown said: “Some of the club’s first-team, Academy and Foundation players will be taking part and I’m sure there will be a bit of competition, but we invite as many people as possible to do what they can to add to the total.”

First-team Joint Assistant Manager Jon Shaw gave the campaign his backing, adding: “I’ll be taking part and fully support it.

“With not much football happening at the moment it’s important for me to stay fit, healthy and active.

“Anyone can take part: it’s about doing what you can as often as you can.”

The purpose of the event is to raise funds for the Foundation but the proceeds will be shared with Cancer Connections, a beneficiary charity of RosieFest, which is scheduled to take place at Harton & Westoe Miners Welfare on July 3rd, 2021.

We’d like to raise £2,800 and are asking sponsors to donate what they can directly to the Foundation Just Giving Page, which can be accessed by clicking here. There is also an option for those taking part in the challenge to launch their own fundraising page for the campaign via the aforementioned link.

Steve Camm, Head of South Shields FC Foundation, said: “Since March 2020 our activity programmes and income streams have been decimated.

“The extended school closures and unknown return date for grassroots football are having a significant impact on the mental health and well-being of the 1,200 people we usually work with and on our normal fundraising campaigns.”

So, if you’d like to take part…

  1. Come up with a plan. Check out the following websites. They can give you an understanding of what you can achieve realistically and safely depending on your age and running experience. Set yourself a target and try to stick to it. Remember to have rest days and take on plenty of fluids. Exercise with a partner or with your household group where you can (remembering to adhere to current lockdown rules)
  2. Get Sponsors. Ask your friends and family to support you by donating directly to which means you won’t have to collect and handle cash. There is a facility on the Foundation’s Just Giving page to set your own personal fundraising target on your own page.
  3. Record and submit your progress. Download a Free running app, for example Strava ( OR keep a log and submit your map or distance via email every week to . Foundation junior players can submit their records to their nominated team coach. If you are using a running app remember to check the privacy settings. You don’t have to submit your times unless you want to track your progress. If you are using Strava, join our South Shields FC Foundation club page and join the leaderboard by visiting Make sure you record your exercise and, whether you are walking or running, make sure your chosen activity on Strava is set as ‘run’ to ensure it counts on the overall leaderboard.
  4. Stay Safe. Follow the current government guidance on social distancing and exercising with others. Stay within your safe limits. Junior players should be accompanied by an adult where appropriate.

South Shields FC Foundation is the club’s charitable arm established in 2017 to improve the health and wellbeing of our local community.

We work with more than 900 children and young people each week in our schools, grassroots and community football programmes. Add to that another 300 who participate in dancing, boxing, brass band, banner group, health & fitness and dance activities at Harton Welfare and the number exceeds 1,200 people each week.

Since 2017 we have delivered £3.3million in social impact, supporting the health and well-being of our community. That works out at £7 value for every £1 we spend.