By Daniel Prince

Chris Locke has been named South Shields’ Player of the Month for December.

Above, the Shields captain is pictured with Nyall Matthias, of club sponsors Shaun Matthias, being presented with a bottle of champagne for his achievement.

Locke also won the club’s Player of the Month award for August, and has started all but one game this season, which he was forced to miss through suspension.

In December, the defender was part of a Shields side which won one game, drew once and lost twice in Ebac Northern League Division Two, with the Mariners conceding just five times in those four games.

By Daniel Prince

South Shields captain Chris Locke has given the lowdown on his team-mates in the above video.

Locke gives his vote in a number of categories, including best trainer, worst dress sense, most vain and slowest player.

By Daniel Prince

Earlier this week, we asked South Shields players, supporters and friends to send in their questions for Chris Locke.

Locke was named the club’s player of the month for August, and after Tuesday’s stunning 5-3 win over Northallerton, we sat down with the defender and put your questions to the man himself.

So, over to you…

Q: On behalf of all the lads, where do you get your hair cut? (From South Shields midfielder David Conroy, on Twitter @DavidConroy4)

A: Somewhere they can’t afford!

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island and had to choose one South Shields player to be with you, who would it be? (From SSFC)

A: I’d take David Molloy because he’s the most intelligent.

Q: What is your favourite pizza topping (From football fan Connor Lamb, on Twitter @Tinpot4)

A: Chicken and mushroom.

Q: If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? (From SSFC)

A: Baba O’Riley by The Who.

Q: Why won’t you warm up with the lads? (From South Shields midfielder Kyle Houshby, on Twitter @housha2310)

A: Because I’m too big time!

Q: If you had to compare yourself to one Premier League footballer, past or present, who would it be and why? (From SSFC)

A: Lee Dixon, because I’m stiff and I can’t overlap!

Q: Why do you put Vaseline on your eyebrows? (From South Shields midfielder Steven Graham, on Twitter @stevogee8)

A: To stop sweat getting in my eyes.

Q: How excited would you be to play for South Shields in a new ground in the town? (From South Shields fan Bob Scott)

A: It would be fantastic. It’s crying out for the ground being built, so it will just be a huge occasion and all the players are looking forward to it. That’s what all the players are buying into. We were told at the start of the season that if we performed this year, there is the chance of a great ground and good stature next year, and you can see the results.

Q: What has been your best moment at South Shields so far? (From SSFC)

A: Winning the Player of the Month award for August 2014. It was nice, considering the fact the whole team is playing exceptionally well. It wasn’t as if it was a bad month for the whole team. It’s now six wins on the trot, so it speaks volumes that I was picked, so I’m pleased.

Q: What’s your day job? (From South Shields fan Janet Davies)

A: I’m a PE teacher. It’s good. I just got back in September, so it’s early days yet, and I’m just working towards the GCSEs next year with the normal cycle.

Q: What do you put your own improvement down to this season? (From South Shields chairman Gary Crutwell)

A: Playing with people who are friends. Lee Bell has been a massive help. He’s a good friend of mine. I’ve never played for him before, but he’s a good friend and every player is playing with confidence because he has installed that since coming in as assistant manager. There was pressure last year to sustain a division status, whereas this year it’s all about promotion because we’ve got a tight 18-man squad, and not the x amount we went through last year. There’s a consistent 11 and a consistent 18, and every single player in there is friends. It’s probably the best banter and the best management I’ve been with in non-league. Everyone is honest with each other, and you can see the results.

There was one question we unfortunately couldn’t put to Chris, as this is a family website. We’re looking at you, Adam Sharp!

The #AskAPlayer series will continue throughout the season, and we are now inviting your questions for midfielder David Conroy. Please participate via Twitter by sending your questions to @SouthShieldsFC using the hashtag #AskConroy or email them to We’ll put them to him at the earliest opportunity, which could be after the Penrith away game on Wednesday.