South Shields FC has been included in a new book featuring defunct and former Football League clubs.

The book, titled ‘Out of our league: Defunct and ex-Football League teams, Volume Two’, has been written by Dave Moore.

It was released earlier this year, and includes clubs such as Lincoln City, Macclesfield Town, Scarborough and Wimbledon, as well as Shields.

The book gives space to 27 former Football League clubs, and goes through their league records, notable former players and managers, and history.

Photographs are also included, and in the Shields section, they were donated by club committee member Bob Wray.

Thirteen pages are dedicated to the Mariners, and it begins by looking at the club’s league record between 1919 and 1930, when Shields competed in the Second Division as well as the Third Division North.

It also features the Mariners’ FA Cup record in that period, before going on to talk about a number of notable ex-players, including Alf Maitland, Ernie Simms and Warney Cresswell, and the club’s managers of that time, Jack Tinn and Ernie Douglass.

Team photographs from the era are also included, such as the 1920-21 squad which finished eighth in the Second Division, before finishing sixth a year later.

It then moves on to give club records, such as biggest win and longest FA Cup run, before giving a thorough overview of the Mariners’ history, featuring the 1920-21 season, when Shields were at one stage on course to win promotion to the top tier of English football alongside the likes of Newcastle United and Sunderland.

The history section runs all the way up to today, and the club is proud to be part of the book.

Club committee member Bob Wray said: “It is a most informative, detailed and interesting book for football enthusiasts.

“There are 27 former Football League clubs profiled in this book, and there are two volumes.

“A wealth of research has been conducted by Dave over the course of the last few years, and he has produced a book that is well worth a place on any football supporter’s bookshelf.

“It is an ideal present for Christmas, and gives a fascinating insight into those halycon days in Shields’ history.

“It was certainly my pleasure to assist with information of various aspects in its compilation, and I was more than happy to help.

“The book helps to preserve that part of the club’s history for posterity.

“It’s a highly-recommended book for club enthusiasts and like-minded people in the football community, and I feel it is excellent value for money.”

You can buy the book by following the link: Out of our league: Defunct and ex-Football League teams, Volume Two