The club’s latest Bingo Lottery game has been jointly won by two entrants.

In the sixth week of the game, Brenda Crutwell and Derek Hardie each chalked off the final of their six numbers.

As winners, they have each received £186, as the prize pot stood at £372.

The club thanks all entrants for their continued support, and looks forward to the next game, which starts next Saturday.

For more details on the club’s bingo lottery game, or to find out how to enter, click here.

By Bob Wray

This is the most exciting and tight finish to any club Bingo Lotto game to date, with now no less than 12 punters requiring one number to win next Saturday’s draw.

A prize of £372 awaits the lucky winner or share thereof if there is more than one claimant, in what is game number five and week six.

As said on previous occasions, it is hoped that the number of players will grow to significant levels, advantaging the prize available and funds to the club, so can all punters please do whatever is needed to spend a little time and effort in trying to gain more players. Do ask about, as every single new member does really help.

Many sincere thanks, it will be well worth it.

By Bob Wray

All subscribers and punters and also any club website readers are requested to encourage a few friends to join the weekly lotto bingo fundraising scheme.

This would help increase the winner’s prize available and cash to the club by this self help promotion.

This may also produce dividends of more players, so if we all can do what we are able to among family, friends, neighbours and work-mates,  the weekly total will most hopefully grow.

Contact telephone numbers are Gary Crutwell on 07947 480054, Bob Scott on 07920 554377 and Bob Wray on 07530 201146, with forms now also readily available online.

They can be found on the website topic heading ‘Extras’ for punters, who can download convenience with full details.

Many sincere thanks for all much appreciated help.