SSFC investment round comes to a close

SSFC investment round comes to a close

In these difficult and uncertain times for individuals across the world, the club has been truly humbled by the backing shown to its investment round, which has now come to a close.

An incredible £378,925 worth of shares have been purchased by 1,037 investors in what has been a remarkable show of support.

The campaign was launched on investment platform Seedrs, with shares available at £12.50 each.

The initial target of £250,000 of investment was quickly smashed as supporters and investors took their opportunity to buy equity in the club and become an even bigger part of our future.

Every pound raised will remain within the club and be reinvested. The funds will all be put to good use and will bolster our ambitions to continue climbing the football pyramid as a club at the heart of its community.

A number of perks were available as part of the campaign depending on the size of investment.

The club is working on ensuring those who have purchased shares receive their items at the earliest possible opportunity, with further information on timescales to be released soon.

This investment campaign has again underlined the depth of support we enjoy and has made everyone connected to the club even more determined to deliver on our ambitions.

Thank you for your continued incredible support and we hope to see you all at a game again soon.