South Shields FC Foundation was established in 2017 with the following charitable purpose:

  • To promote community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities (land, buildings, equipment and activities) for the playing of association football.
  • To assist in providing facilities for sport, recreation or other leisure time occupation of such persons who have the need for such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances or for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving their conditions of life.
  • To advance the education of children and young people through such means as the trustees think fit in accordance with the law of charity.

Social impact

In the first half of 2020 we invested in activities that strengthen our community and create positive social impact.

We have always tried to take a wider view of what impacts on people’s health and well-being. The NHS identifies the five key factors that affect health and well-being as: be physically active, give to others, learn new skills, pay attention to the present and connect with other people.

Our investment decisions are guided by more than just our judgements about what feels right. Yes, they all contribute to our charitable purpose but by how much?

Since 2017 we have used a Wellbeing Valuation Approach to measuring and recording our social impact.

Wellbeing Valuation is in the Treasury’s Green Book, the UK’s core guide to policy evaluation. The methodology was developed by Daniel Fujiwara (London School of Economics), Affinity Sutton, Catalyst Housing and the Housing Association’s Charitable Trust. It works by isolating the particular factors that affect health and well-being, for example playing a sport, getting a job or socialising with friends.

It then attributes an equivalent financial value to each of these factors. This is the amount of cash that would be needed to increase someone’s well-being by the same amount. An example is that playing a sport regularly over a two month period would have the same impact on health and well-being as being given £10,767.

It’s a one-off calculation, so once a benefit has been calculated and attributed to a particular year the continuation of the activity does not keep adding to the total.

We like this because, while we want to retain people in activities, to add to our impact we must constantly engage NEW people.



Social Impact: £1.1million

Return on Investment: £7.65 to every £1 spent

Cumulative (since 2017):

Social Impact: £4.4million

Structure, governance and management

  • South Shields FC Foundation is a charitable company (10257450) limited by guarantee which is also a registered charity (1176894)
  • It is governed by a set of charitable articles registered with Companies House and the Charity Commission.
  • The Charity has five directors/trustees. New trustees are recruited by the board based on the skills and experience the charity needs to continue to thrive and deliver its intended community impact:
      • Gary Crutwell
      • Stephen Taylor
      • Martin Urwin
      • Keith Finnigan
      • John Watson
  • The Charity employs eight staff on a full or part-time basis:
      • Steve Camm, Foundation Manager
      • Nathan Kew, Programme Delivery Lead
      • Andrew Dales, Sports Development Officer
      • Dillon Morse, Sports Development Officer
      • Abbie Neary, Sports Development Officer (Dance)
      • Christopher Reay, Sports Development Officer
      • Joe Aldus, Sports Development Officer
      • Jak Lewis, Ground staff
      • David Smith, Bar staff


We currently deliver the following programmes and activities:

    20 grassroots junior football teams involving 250 children from Under-7 to Under-16 affiliated to local football leagues supported by specialist coaching from 40 volunteer coaches.
    An innovative schools programme comprising movement, literacy and numeracy which brings the everyday curriculum into sport.
    A school visit by first-team players and matchday experience for children in school years 5 and 6.
    Football-based after-school clubs delivered in schools.
    Three day holiday courses running in school holidays delivered by qualified coaches and first-team players.
    30 girls regularly taking part in a coaching and activity programme which spun out of an FA Wildcats Centre in 2018.
    An open movement and activity programme for children aged 18 months to five years.
    An open community football programme with Blair Adams.
    A specialist futsal programme for children aged six to 12.
    A game-based football programme for children aged five to seven.
  • FREE G
    A movement-based programme delivered in partnership with South Tyneside Gymnastics Centre.

Activity Partner

The Foundation’s main activity partner is Port of Tyne.

The Port came on board in 2019, providing financial support for the creation of a diverse activity programme that will benefit local people of all ages.

The initiative with the Port of Tyne seeks to extend the club’s impact in terms of the contribution it makes beyond the 500 children it works with each week to include parents, grandparents, carers and supporters of all ages.

There are two parts to the programme.

The first includes a new physical activity programme which includes parent and toddler and Under-5s activities at Westoe Crown Community Hub, a Futsal programme for parents and coaches at Temple Park Centre and a new development centre for young players at Harton and Westoe Miners’ Welfare.

The second part of the programme, which is being launched today, calls on parents, children and Foundation coaches, fans and supporters of South Shields FC and employees of the Port of Tyne to help us shape the remainder of the activity programme.

More information on the programme and the Port’s support is available by clicking here.

Performance – Financial

Income (2017/18)

  • Predominantly from parental donations for participation in grassroots teams and on open community programmes (£40,580)
  • The second largest amount of income came from player and team sponsorships (£10,054)
  • The third main source of income was from fundraising (£5,709)

Income from grants

  • In the year the Foundation received a grant of £450 from the FA to develop a Wildcats Centre for Girls. This income was fully expended during the financial year.

Expenditure (2017/18)

  • The main expenditure item was on pitch and facility hire (£31,000)
  • The second largest expenditure item was playing and training equipment (£13,500)
  • Other large items of expenditure were referees fees (£3,600), league fees (£4,000) and coaching qualifications (£1,000)

The Foundation’s financial position at the end of the 2017-18 reporting period was:

  • £1,896 total funds carried forward

Performance – Engagement

These are the main achievements of the charity during its first year of operation:

  • 200 junior players participated in regular physical activity as part of Foundation teams, improving their general health and well-being.
  • 65 juniors also regularly participated in the Foundation’s open community programmes, which included the delivery of an FA Wildcats Centre which engaged 30 girls in football.
  • 30,000 participant hours were achieved in the year.
  • 33 qualified and FA Licensed volunteer coaches delivered 4950 coaching hours to young people involved in our programmes.

Performance – Social Impact

The Foundation uses a Well-being Valuation Approach to capture and assess its social impact against the five ways to wellbeing:

  • Healthy Activities
  • Volunteering
  • Social Interaction – making new friends
  • Taking notice of what is happening
  • Learning a new skill

Using the nationally recognised Well-being Value Calculation tool in 2017-18 we delivered over £1million in social impact, a return of £17 for every £1 we spent.


Steve Camm, Foundation Manager

Nathan Kew, Programme Delivery Lead

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