SSFC Bingo Lottery

SSFC Bingo Lottery

The club’s weekly bingo lottery is hoping to attract more punters to help the fund raising efforts towards operating costs this season, and any help from any quarter would be greatly welcomed and very much appreciated.

That said all SSFC Supporters Association members who are not as yet participating subscribers to the scheme, with their family members, their relations, neighbours, friends and colleagues, and general website readers and visitors,  and friends of friends wherever and whomever they all may be are much requested to please contact the club and so help the cause.

Details and particulars of the scheme, which is based on the National Lottery Saturday evening numbers only are as follows, and the contact details for applicants of club officials are as follows.

The actual amount of the winners prize is determined by the number of players, its a case of ‘the more the merrier’, so hopefully this request will be successful and more new punters will come forward and help the club with their membership of the scheme, thank you.


South  Shields FC  Bingo Lottery

1. Pick 6 numbers. 1 – 49. Costs £1 per entry 2. Choose how many weeks you want to participate. It’s a minimum of £1 per week. 3. Each Saturday on the main national lottery draw any numbers you have that are also in the main draw (not bonus ball) is ticked off. 4.The numbers in each draw will be deemed to be simultaneous ie. no number will have preference 5.The winner(s) shall be the first member(s) to mark off all six numbers. 6. In the event of more than one member completing his line at the same draw, the prize money will be shared

7.Any winning person in arrears of 2 weeks or more will not be paid out and the fund will roll over to the next pot.  Where there are joint winners in this situation the prize fund will be split between those winners who are not in arrears.

Contact  Gary Crutwell 07947480054 or Bob Scott on 07920554377  for your entry tickets