SSFC Bingo Lottery – WILL YOU HELP?

The club’s weekly bingo lottery fund raising promotion seeks more punters to help the cause, and all Mariners supporters and local football minded readers of the club website are please requested to help.

In the current difficult situation with the club playing out of town, all such help is needed to aid as much as possible the weekly budget, and this is an opportunity for all Shields supporters and enthusiasts to do their bit.

Many are not able for various reasons to attend games as they would otherwise no doubt like, so this is one direct way for all to help.

Can all therefore please give the matter a little thought?

Friends of existing subscribers are much welcomed, be they family members, and also work and social colleagues.

If more can be persuaded to buy a ticket at £1 each and also maybe sell a few, such an effort would much help and increase the prize money and also cash to the club’s coffers.

All details are to be found by clicking here, and details of contact persons for enquiry purposes.

The club would be particularly grateful to all those who can and hopefully will support and contribute a little money, time and effort to advantage and help promote the continuing success and growth of this very important self help scheme for the club’s well being and financial assistance at a time of need.

With sincere thanks in real and lasting appreciation.