Shields fans are simply the crest

Shields fans are simply the crest

Supporters have again shown their incredible commitment to the club by raising almost £1,000 through the purchase of specially-made crests.

During an unprecedented and hugely challenging year, the backing the club has received has been staggering and humbling, and this is just another example of that.

The crests, made of mild steel, are available in three sizes: 1ft diameter (£25), 2ft diameter (£75) and 3ft diameter (£100).

This project was led by the brilliant and dedicated Alison Cairns, of the Supporters Alliance.

Alison processed all orders and then delivered 95 of the crests with partner Graham, and the club is indebted to her for her continued and invaluable support.

The mild steel versions can be used as a piece of wall art, inside or outside, and can be lacquered or painted by the purchaser.

If any supporter would like to order one, please contact Alison via Facebook messenger or send her a text message to 07748667213.