Our Early Years Provision has been designed to maximise learning and encourage cross-curricular links within EYFS PE. It has three key programmes which offer schools bespoke provision suited to the children within each setting.

1. ‘Monkey Movements’

Monkey movements is a movement-based programme which focuses on key motor control skills and the fundamentals of movement. This is achieved through freedom-based activity and structured play. All lessons are bespoke to the group we work with and link to national/school curriculum.

2. ‘Polly Phonics’

Polly Phonics is our literacy programme which combines an EYFS literacy lesson into a fun, active and engaging PE lesson. The principles of literacy taught are decided by the setting so it is relevant to the group. We have access to all phonics materials so we can meet the demands of your school/nursery, again linking to national/school curriculum. This programme is suitable for children up to Year 2 to aid pupil intervention and development. 

3. ‘Mateys’ Maths’

Mateys’ Maths is our numeracy-based programme, which includes EYFS mathematics curriculum within a PE lesson. The content is individualised to the setting and the needs of its children.  This programme can be used up to Year 2 to aid pupil intervention and development.

Multi sport/Multi skills (Year 1+)

This bespoke programme covers a wide range of topics within the PE curriculum. It mixes a multi sport curriculum with a scheme of work that emphasises key social and psychological skills. These ‘people skills’ help children develop both in and out of the school environment and can be used to develop teamwork within a full class or used as key intervention tools.

Year 6 Programme- ‘Preparing the Year 6 child for secondary education through the power of sport’

This physical education programme links closely with core PSHE principles. In these sessions we openly encourage creativity and responsibility, and place pupils in scenarios where they may lead, support or even be taught by their peers. Our coaches set specialist lessons and environments where these scenarios are frequent and sustainable. The programme displays key links to school and national curriculum while incorporating literacy and numeracy in an active environment.