Plans submitted for new stand at 1st Cloud Arena

Plans submitted for new stand at 1st Cloud Arena

South Shields Football Club is excited to announce that it has submitted a revised planning application for the development of 1st Cloud Arena.

The plans include the erection of a new stand on the Shaftesbury Avenue side of the ground which will seat in excess of 900 supporters.

The club is committed to building the new stand at the earliest opportunity, subject to approval, but recognises the uncertainty the pandemic brings and will therefore assess upcoming Government announcements to ensure it commits to this capital expenditure at the correct time.

The planning application also features a proposal for another new stand, to be positioned behind the goal adjacent to the 3G pitch, but the club must stress that it does not intend for this to be built within the next 12 months, and has submitted it as part of its plans to allow it to further assess the immediate viability of this part of the project over the next year.

Over the coming months, the standing areas at 1st Cloud Arena will also be tarmacked to ensure an even surface around the perimeter of the ground, while pitch renovation work will take place and the ageing pitchside barrier will be replaced.

South Shields FC Chairman Geoff Thompson said: “Over the last six years, our supporters have been absolutely central to our growth as a club.

“We have always been dedicated to providing them with the best possible matchday experience and that is what has motivated us to press ahead with our ground redevelopment plans.

“We are committed to building the new stand as soon as possible but when that will be is highly dependent on the timing of approval being granted, the Covid restrictions which are in place at that time and when matches are set to return to 1st Cloud Arena.

“The fruition of these plans would be another major step in the progress of our club as we look to build our infrastructure and ensure the ground meets the specifications required by the leagues above our current level.

“This last year has been hugely difficult for all involved at the club and our revenues have been severely hit, but the support of our magnificent fans and sponsors has been incredible and we hope our ground development plans will excite everyone concerned.

“We’d like to thank everyone who continues to support us in whatever way they can. Please continue to stay safe and hopefully we can give you something to look forward to in the not too distant future.”