Mariners Park implements matchday reusable pint cup system

Mariners Park implements matchday reusable pint cup system

As part of reducing our carbon footprint, the club is to implement a reusable pint cup system on matchdays, replacing the disposable cups system which has previously been used.

The new reusable cups – coloured claret and blue and featuring the club’s emblem – will be introduced for the first time at Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup tie against Colne at Mariners Park.

The system will make our matchdays a greener event, with less single-use rubbish to clear up and dispose of and therefore, less landfill. The cups themselves are 100% made from recyclable material.

The new cups are sturdier than those previously used, which should make for a more enjoyable drinking experience.

They are also a perfect take-home souvenir specifically branded to the club.

This is how it all works:

  • A cup deposit of £1 is paid when the customer buys their first drink on a matchday.
  • For their next drink, they can bring their empty cup back to the bar and have it exchanged for a clean one.
  • When they have finished their final drink, they can either return the cup to the bar and exchange it for their deposit, or take it home as a souvenir.
  • The club retains a percentage from every cup that is not returned, leading to extra revenue and a cleaner site.
  • Please note, a maximum of 10 cups can be returned to the bar at any one time.