Luke Sullivan speaks after joining SSFC – and answers fan questions!

Luke Sullivan speaks after joining SSFC – and answers fan questions!

Luke Sullivan became South Shields’ second summer signing earlier this week when the former Consett striker put pen to paper at Mariners Park.

The 27-year-old says he “can’t wait to get started” after ending a five-year spell with his hometown club, where he scored 136 goals in 206 appearances.

Above, you can watch his first interview on MarinersTV since joining Shields.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, we asked supporters to send in their questions for the Mariners’ newest recruit. Below are the results!

Q: How tough was it playing against South Shields last season? (by Andy Gardner)

A: It was really difficult. They keep the ball really well and make you run and work hard throughout the game. All of the players have real quality on the ball, and that shows.

Q: Do you feel under any pressure, knowing the club’s three frontmen last season all hit 30 or more goals, or are you looking forward to the challenge? (by Paul Mordue)

A: That’s a challenge I relish. I scored 30 goals plus last season in a Consett team which finished seventh, and I’m confident that I’ll get even more chances to score here. I’ll try my best.

Q: Which hair product brings out the best in your hair and why? (by Adam Campbell)

A: Haha, I like to mix it up a bit! I’m using Aussie shampoo and conditioner at the moment. I feel like it gives my hair a good shine!

How much are you looking forward to stepping up a league? (by Andy Gardner)

A: I’m really looking forward to it. I feel like it’s a level I’m more than capable of playing and am confident I’ll be able to succeed in that league.

Is travelling anything of an issue to you? (by Bob Scott)

A: No, not at all. I spend quite a lot of time a bit further down the country with work anyway, so some of the midweek games in particular might end up being closer for me. It should work out quite well.

Q: Are you ready to play in the tropical heat conditions of Shields in comparison to playing in Consett? (by Stephen Douglas)

A: Haha, I’m ready! I’ve packed my sun cream. That’s in the bag!

Q: Did you expect this move to happen and how far do you think you can go with South Shields? (by Paul Bullock)

A: It was a move I was hoping would happen, so when I got the phonecall, I really wanted to sign. I think the club is progressing really well, and the chance to become part of that was too good to turn down. Our target will be to win the league next season. We’ll be giving it a good go.

Q: Do you see yourself as more of a Sullivanpersie or Sullivanbaston type of player? (by Stephen Douglas)

A: I’ll leave that to the fans to decide! I used to get Sullivanpersie a lot at Consett but if the fans want to call me Sullivanbaston, I won’t complain!

Q: What is your nickname? (by David Saveraux)

A: Just Sully. Although I got SVP a lot at Consett.

Q: What is the greatest achievement in your football career so far? (by Ryan Wells)

A: Representing and captaining my county (Durham) for a couple of years. It was a real honour to be chosen to do that – it was around the ages of 18 to 21.

Q: What was the main thing which convinced you to join Shields? (by Ryan Wells)

A: The professionalism of the club and the ambition it has got, with the targets it has set. They’re on par with the targets I’ve set as a player and I’d love to progress with the club.

Q: What goal target are you setting yourself for next season? (by Daniel Best)

A: I don’t have a target, to be honest. I’ll be trying really hard to get as many as possible. I’ll be looking to provide assists as well, but as long as I’m working hard for the team and helping us win games, I’ll be happy.

Q: Did the Consett fans have a song about you, and if so, is it worth us pinching it? (by Ian Sharpe)

A: Haha, they used to sing ‘Sully’s Messi in disguise!’ If the fans here would like to come up with a new one, they’d be more than welcome!

Q: Which club are you most looking forward to playing against next season? (by William Pascoe)

A: I’m just looking forward to the step up in general, really, and the travelling. Colwyn Bay will be an exciting one. There’s a lot of talk about travelling at this level, but it can help with team morale and getting to know each other. It can be a real laugh so hopefully it will work out well for us.

Q: What do you think of Anthony Callaghan and Carl Finnigan’s hair? (by Joshua King)

A: Haha, their hair is a little bit better than mine, to be honest! That’s some top hair to compete with, haha! Mine is a little bit short at the moment for the summer, but I might grow it back longer again in the colder months!

Q: Will you deliver what David Foley did last season, or can you beat his goals tally? (by Andrew Hood)

A: That’s not something I’m thinking about. I’ll just be doing my best for the team and trying to help us win as many games as possible. If that means I get more goals than David did last season, then great, but if not, as long as we’re successful I won’t really be thinking about that.

Q: Will you miss playing on the 3G surface of Consett for home games, or do you prefer playing on grass? (by Bob Scott)

A: I prefer grass. That was one of the things I had in my mind when I was moving clubs. I much prefer grass, because it feels more natural. Playing on the 3G all the time, you get a lot of burns, aches and pains.

What’s your day job? (by Bob Scott)

A: I’m a plumber by trade.