Date: Wednesday, September 15

Numbers drawn: 12, 14, 15, 19

Winners: None

Next jackpot: £3,350 (approximately)

Next draw: Wednesday, September 22

Next draw’s number range: 1 to 26


1. Pick 4 numbers from the number range. This begins at 1-40 and the range decreases by one each week until the jackpot is won, or the range reaches a minimum of 1-20. It costs £1 a line.
2. Choose how many lines of numbers you would like. It’s a minimum of £1 per week.
3. Each Wednesday evening, four numbers are drawn at random. You must match all four numbers to win.
4. The winner(s) shall be the first member(s) to match all four numbers in one week.
5. In the event of more than one member matching all four numbers, the prize money will be shared.
6. Should you pay for several weeks in advance and do not contact the draw organiser to notify them of any changes to your number selection, your original selection will carry forward. If any of your numbers fall outside the new number range, your new selection will automatically transfer to the highest available number not already chosen, unless the draw organiser is notified otherwise.
7. Should no entry forecast all four numbers correctly, the jackpot will be added to that of the following week’s draw. A new entry must be completed for each draw.
8. Claims must be made within 14 days. No ticket, no prize.
9. 40p from each ticket bought goes directly to the club, 45p is transferred to the jackpot and the remaining 15p is placed into a reserve pot, which is then brought into play for the draw which follows the winning of the jackpot.

New participants are welcome to enter the draw each week. To enter, please contact Steve Cairns via the club or send an email with your phone number included to