Guisborough Town’s praise for Mariners after memorable afternoon

Guisborough Town’s praise for Mariners after memorable afternoon

Guisborough Town have praised the Mariners and the club’s supporters following last weekend’s final league game of the season.

A crowd of 963 was in attendance at the KGV Stadium to see both sides round off their league campaigns, with South Shields emerging 3-2 winners.

The loss against the champions meant Guisborough finished third-bottom in Northern League Division One, and they must wait to find out whether that placing will result in relegation.

However, the Priorymen say they are still “drawing breath” from the match on April 22 and the tremendous atmosphere created by all concerned.

A statement from the club said: “All in all, it’s still all happening down at the KGV Stadium where players, fans and officials alike are still drawing breath after the superb day of celebration that was created for Guisborough’s final game of the season last weekend against Northern League champions South Shields, which will live long in the memory of both Guisborough and Shields fans.

“In typical Guisborough friendly fashion, the club put in place various arrangements to make this a special day of celebration for the victorious league champions and their fans to really enjoy what became a carnival occasion for everyone, despite the match ending in a very unlucky and disappointing 3-2 defeat for the Priorymen.

“A bumper crowd of almost 1,000 attended – swelled by the travelling army of triumphant Shields fans who were understandably boisterous but very well behaved as well.

“The reaction afterwards from both home and away fans and neutrals has been overwhelmingly tremendous, with some extremely complementary comments being posted on Twitter and via emails and other social media.”

Guisborough Town chairman Don Cowan added: “I want to thank everyone for the making the final match of the season against South Shields such a special day at the KGV.

“I know that the result didn’t go our way, but the GTFC commitment and team spirit both on and off the pitch shone brightly for all to see.

“The quality of our football, our facilities, our welcome and above all our people have all been warmly praised by everyone connected with South Shields FC and across the wider football community.

“So on behalf of the club, thank you to all our volunteers who did such a splendid job not just for Saturday but for everything that our wonderful volunteers do for our beloved Football Club throughout the season.”

South Shields FC would like to warmly thank all associated with Guisborough Town for their very kind welcome and hospitality at last Saturday’s fixture, and wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.

Whether their immediate future lies in Division One remains to be seen.

Mr Cowan added: “Unfortunately I’m sorry that I can’t tell our supporters any more than they probably already know about what will happen for next season with regards to the currently unresolved relegation issue.

“I have spoken at some length with the Northern League chairman and it seems that there will be no decision on how many teams are relegated until after the League AGM, so that could well be early June.

“I will speak to the League again in mid-May and will update people further then….as ever I remain ever hopeful and optimistic.”