George McLaughlin banned from post-game fist pumps

George McLaughlin banned from post-game fist pumps

Following advice from health and safety experts, South Shields kitman George McLaughlin has been banned from partaking in celebratory post-game fist pumps with immediate effect.

George’s celebrations have become the stuff of folklore at Mariners Park.

No victory is complete without his fist pumps on the sidelines as he shows his delight at another win.

However, health and safety chiefs stepped in after it was revealed George’s fall on the Wembley steps – which resulted in him suffering a ruptured quadriceps tendon – was caused by him carrying out the action.

Mariners physio Andrew Morris was among those who broke the news to George.

He said: “We all love to see George celebrating after games, but unfortunately we have to listen to the experts.

“One expert in particular, Lira Lofop, said she believed the fall at Wembley was caused by George performing a fist pump, so it’s just not worth the risk.

“George has also suffered a number of fist pump-related injuries over the course of the season, and I’ve actually spent more time treating him than the players.

“The risk of further injury to himself and fans he gets close to is clear, and just not worth it any more.

“Plus, this gives him the chance to carry out his true kitman duties!”