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Board of Directors

Chairman: Geoff Thompson

Chief Executive: Lee Picton

Vice-Chairman: Gary Crutwell

Finance Director: Keith Finnigan

Non-Executive Director: Paul Macpherson, Joanne Howe

Club Officials and Committee Members

Honorary Presidents: Jade Thirlwall, David Miliband

First-Team Manager: Graham Fenton

Director of Business Development and Partnerships: Jamie Williams

Head of Media and Communications: Daniel Prince

Administration and Accounts Officer: Fenella Shovelin

Bar and Events Manager: Michelle Leadley

Hospitality and Events Co-Ordinator: Louise Hutchinson

Club Secretary: Philip Reay

Club Merchandise: Bob Scott

First-Team Joint Assistant Managers: Jon Shaw and Brian Smith

Head of Physiotherapy and Medical: Andrew Morris

Goalkeeping Coach: Phil Naisbett

First-Team Recruitment Manager: Andy Burgess

Academy Manager: Wess Brown

Head of SSFC Foundation: Steve Camm

SSFC Foundation Programme Delivery Lead: Nathan Kew

Foundation Phase Lead: Christopher Reay

Futures Academy Coaches: Blair Adams, Mike Slater, Kieren Laverick

Food and Beverage Manager: Darren Anderson

Team Analyst: Ryan Chipperfield

Photographer: Kevin Wilson

Committee Members: David Fall, Steve Cairns, Bob Scott, Daniel Prince, Gary Crutwell, Keith Finnigan, Steve Lester, Steve Camm

Vice-Presidents: Bob Wray, Darren Wright, Janet Davies, Bob Scott, David Fall, John Gray