Blair Adams appointed captain of South Shields

Blair Adams appointed captain of South Shields

Blair Adams has been named captain of the first-team, with Callum Ross assuming the role of vice-captain.

Adams had previously served as vice-captain under the captaincy of Robert Briggs, who will continue to be a vital member of the squad.

South Shields manager Graham Fenton said: “I’ve made the decision to change the captaincy of the first-team.

“Over the past few months, I’ve required the captain of the club to be at the training ground on a regular basis and due to Robert’s personal circumstances and work schedule, he has not been able to fulfil that responsibility.

“I felt that the decision we made to give Robbie the armband was the right one at that time as a natural progression from vice-captain to captain, but in hindsight it was possibly the wrong decision due to his availability for training on a daily basis.

“I’d like to thank Robbie for all the time, effort and professionalism he brought across the years in his roles as as vice-captain and captain.

“Making this change has been a really difficult decision but ultimately I feel that it’s the right one and that Robbie will still be able to show great leadership skills on and off the pitch moving forwards.

“Blair and Callum are able to commit to full-time training and will be here on a daily basis, so will be able to help pass on any messages we need to get across to the players.

“They both lead by example and are very popular members of the squad, and we wish them good luck in their new roles.”