Bingo Lottery update

The football club is much hoping to continue to upgrade and develop the growth in member numbers of its weekly bingo lottery fund raising draw.

Self help as like many clubs is a priority, and this scheme is a very necessary and most important part with which to help to maintain and build funds to assist operating costs and administrative expenses.

So all club supporters, be they Supporters Association members, active enthusiasts or ‘closet’ followers or just those locally interested who would like to help the club in some way, with their families and friends at leisure or work etc are all sincerely requested to please buy and/or sell tickets and to help as kindly possible.

Every little really does help, and a little help from many public spirited people would be of great assistance to help promote the success of the bingo lottery.

All readers of this notice, and others not online wherever possible, are please informed by friends of its posting are very much invited and welcomed to this football club fund raising activity.

Full details of the bingo lottery are listed under the general topic heading of ‘Extras’ on the website, which is updated weekly for the information and interest of all.

The prize money is determined by the number of players, and is 50% of the total monies paid in, so the more participating players the bigger the prize, which is in everyone’s interest and that of the club.

The club therefore requests all who wish to help to please ask family and friends as kindly possible, as every £1 ticket bought is important.

A single and multi entry bingo lottery form is below for personal downloading convenience, with the club’s sincere thanks in appreciation for your membership, involvement and assistance in its efforts.